How to walk the talk when your foot is in your mouth?

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WHAT do Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin, Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin and Datuk Ahmad Maslan have in common? Much.

They may have started their political careers in different eras but their comments in recent days show that Umno men generally need a restraining order to keep their feet from their mouth.

Zainuddin is a fountain of a lot of nonsense, and tries to dress up his racist and chauvinist rant as some intellectual discourse.

Take this latest offering that Chinese should not be offended being called “kaum pendatang” because they choose to speak their dialects and have not mastered Bahasa Malaysia.

Instead of being too preoccupied with Chinese Malaysians (as seems to be the case with a certain party that claims to look after Malay interests), the former Utusan Malaysia editor should be concerned about why despite the hundreds of billions spent, many Malays are still on the margins of society.

Then we have that gem from Sabah called Bung Mokhtar. He says that critics of the Sedition Act should be grateful because in China, those found guilty of sedition are executed.

In Malaysia, there is a proper court process, he assures Malaysians.

One feels sorry for Malaysia because this is Bung Mokhtar at his best.

He is not trying to be annoying.

He actually believes he said something intelligent. Never mind that many Malaysians are not questioning the legal system but the cavalier use of the Sedition Act to silence dissent in the country.

The man from Sabah also is not deterred by a selective memory. In China, they also execute public officials for corruption and are in the midst of a major operation to weed out corrupt high-ranking
politicians such as Bo Xilai.

Some well-connected and powerful politicians are now behind bars in China. Umno's ranks from top to bottom would be decimated if China's style crackdown on corruption was introduced here.

So how about it, Bung Mokhtar? Interested in bringing a little bit of China to Malaysia. Let's Look East.

And finally, Ahmad Maslan. The man who was showing off his latest gadget from Apple while advising Malaysians not to use the BR1M on non-essentials.

Is that an example for a leader? Show off your wealth while advising others to tighten their belts?

Do any of these Umno wonder why a section of Malaysians have a great dislike if not hate for them? They are detached from reality and their views and opinions have less value than fool's gold.

Perhaps, the Peter Principle is at play here, that people always rise up to their level of incompetency.