Malaysia Vision Valley 2.0 to take off with high-tech industrial park

This article first appeared in City & Country, The Edge Malaysia Weekly, on December 24, 2018 - December 30, 2018.

MVV Holdings CEO Datuk Redza Rafiq briefs Aminuddin on the MVV 2.0 project, with Zeti looking on. Photo by Sime Darby Property

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The sprawling 379,087-acre Malaysia Vision Valley 2.0 (MVV 2.0) mega project, which is almost twice the size of Singapore and covers the districts of Seremban and Port Dickson in Negeri Sembilan, was launched by Menteri Besar Aminuddin Harun in Seremban on Dec 13.

During the launch, MVV 2.0 master developer Sime Darby Property Bhd unveiled the first of six projects in Phase 1, which will comprise a high-tech industrial park covering 2,838 acres across Hamilton Estate, Labu Estate, New Labu Estate and Kirby Estate in Negeri Sembilan. The launch of MVV 2.0 also saw the unveiling of its Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) and the publicity of MVV 2045, which is a public document that the public can scrutinise at [email protected] Sembilan's website from Dec 13 until Jan 9 next year. The local plan is also available at Wisma Negeri's information lobby in Seremban, as well as at municipal councils of Seremban, Nilai and Port Dickson.

MVV 2045 sets out the land use zoning and development initiatives, and outlines action plans for environmental enhancement, accessibility, infrastructure, liveability and industries within the MVV 2.0 development.

The CDP defines the growth plan for MVV 2.0 along with its focus, economic and social benefits, and environmental sustainability.

The other projects in Phase 1 are the Integrated Transport District; Specialised and Integrated Logistics Services; World Knowledge City; Biopolis and Wellness City; and Tourism District and Bird/River Sanctuary. Phase 1 of MVV is a 30-year development that covers 27,000 acres.

Phase 2, which is based on the proposed CDP, was also revealed at the launch. It will cover 42,500 acres and is planned to be developed beyond 2045.

Within five years of its listing date in November last year, Sime Darby Property, which owns 2,838 acres in MVV 2.0, has the option to acquire another 8,796 acres from Sime Darby Bhd , says the developer's Dec 13 press statement.

According to Sime Darby Property chairman Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz in her speech at the launch, the developer can now extract and enhance the value of its land bank in MVV 2.0. "The first stage will involve building the foundations that will in turn generate the potential leads for maximising the early opportunities. It is aligned with our aspiration to take on such a key project that has the potential to contribute to the country's future economic growth and social development.

"Sime Darby Property's significant role in MVV 2.0 reflects the continuation of our commitment to the development of Negeri Sembilan. This comprehensive development plan that aims to deliver a new growth area for Malaysia is now ready for execution and implementation."

Said Aminuddin, "The preparation for MVV 2.0 is inclusive as it provides an opportunity for the surrounding communities to give their views and ideas for the overall planning of the development. The development plans have been restructured to enhance some of the major development clusters to promote high-tech investments that are aligned with our national aspirations.

"The projects undertaken will serve as catalysts for the development of MVV 2.0, which is aligned with the 11th Malaysia Plan Mid-Term Review, where emphasis will be given to the high-tech industry segments, including aerospace."

The state-led MVV 2.0 is envisioned to be a world-class metropolis driven by public-private partnerships. It aspires to attract both local and foreign investments as well as create jobs and business opportunities.

According to Zeti, both local and foreign investors have expressed interest in MVV 2.0, signifying the recognition of the enormous potential of the development. "We are now in discussions with several investors and announcements will be made when the discussions are concluded."

MVV 2.0 will be facilitated by state-led agency, MVV Secretariat (MVVS), which will act as the governing body to ensure the development follows the guidelines and initiatives outlined in the CDP.

A memorandum of agreement was signed between the state government and MVV Holdings Sdn Bhd (MVVHSB), a subsidiary of Sime Darby Property, to establish the basis for the continuity of the roles and functions of the master developer through its unit, and the state government through MVVS, in relation to the preliminary development stages of MVV 2.0.

In addition, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Malaysian Green Technology Corporation and the state government via MVVS, whereby the parties have agreed to collaborate on the adoption and implementation of green concepts and green technology enablers for MVV 2.0.

MVV 2.0 is part of the National Physical Plan and is among the 17 Promoted Development Zones to be given priority at national level. The development is also part of the State Structure Plan that aims to position the Seremban and Port Dickson districts as extensions to Greater KL.

"Our aspiration is for MVV 2.0 to be a game changer that takes the people of Negeri Sembilan up the economic socioeconomic value chain. The development shall also focus on environmental sustainability," said Zeti.

"Indeed, the pursuit of economic growth shall be balanced by efforts to protect and conserve the environment. This is to provide long-term benefits to the local community and ensure the sustainability of our development."