Shift focus back to Covid-19 pandemic, say Perikatan Nasional coalition's information chiefs

Shift focus back to Covid-19 pandemic, say Perikatan Nasional coalition's information chiefs
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KUALA LUMPUR (July 31): Focus should be shifted back to efforts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure the health of the people, apart from rebuilding the country's economy through the implementation of the National Recovery Plan (PPN).

Information chiefs of the parties under the Perikatan Nasional coalition, in a joint statement today, said that the efforts to fight the pandemic are the real priority of the country at this time, for the good of the people as a whole.

“We call on all levels of society to examine the series of explanations given by the government on the current situation because too many parties are trying to fish in troubled waters for personal gain or to save themselves.

“This includes deliberately creating fake news and exploiting the current situation through social media. Therefore, the people must be aware of this irresponsible act, and always refer to authentic sources to find out the real situation,” the statement read.

As the information machinery of the parties in the coalition government, they pledged to continue to assist Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and the party leadership in carrying out the duties and responsibilities entrusted to them, especially in conveying accurate information to the people.

They also thanked the top leaders of the parties in the government, as well as members of Parliament, who expressed support for Muhyiddin and his Cabinet to continue to lead the country in facing the Covid-19 challenge.

Meanwhile, several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) also voiced the same opinion, and expressed full support for Muhyiddin’s leadership.

Tenggara Prihatin Community Welfare Organisation chairman, Jawahir Husein, said that in the current Covid-19 pandemic, focus should be on efforts to tackle the spread of infection, besides asking all parties to set aside political interests and remain loyal to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Insan Kasih Johor Social Welfare Association president, Zuraini Tahir, said that her association strongly condemned and regretted the efforts of certain parties who wanted to overthrow the PN government, and expressed frustration with the political game that focuses on ensuring personal gain instead of the safety and economy of people affected by Covid-19.

A similar view was also expressed by the Parit Sulong Women’s Welfare Association, Sarmila Amir, who slammed moves by certain parties attempting to overthrow the government and called on all parties to unite to ensure national harmony in facing Covid-19.