Strengthening the residential rental market

Strengthening the residential rental market
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KUALA LUMPUR (June 27): The residential rental market has the potential to become a robust and sustainable sector for investors and tenants. 

However, there are several challenges to overcome. 

Some of the issues include an oversupply of high-rise units that are pushing down rental rates, the lack of clear regulation and enforcement to ensure that all stakeholders’ rights are respected and managed well, insufficient guidelines on the tenancy agreement and duties of parties, and no system to vet landlords and tenants.

Property experts, including a real estate negotiator and property lawyer, provide some suggestions on how to tackle these challenges. 

These include having legislation that will create a level playing field for all parties involved, a registry of tenant and landlord profiles, a special entity to regulate rent and keep deposits, and a rental insurance scheme. 

The issues and suggestions by experts in this week’s City & Country may help make the sector more transparent and economically viable in the long term for all stakeholders involved, including foreign investors. 

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