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University of Reading Malaysia offer students the best of both worlds

The University of Reading Malaysia’s modern, purpose-built campus provides ample space for study and socialising

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Behind every successful ambition is a very important question— what do I want to pursue and how can I best achieve it?

Today, tertiary education is an unquestionable component in an individual’s growth and development. Is also serves as a pivotal gateway for substantial job opportunities, both locally and globally.

While the old adage that education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world holds true, defining the best education option can be a challenging feat. With over 43 private universities in Malaysia and more than 20,000 globally, where do we begin?

“What may be a good university for many people may not be a good one for others because it depends on what your own aims are,” says Associate Professor Bruce Howell, Head of Foundation Study and Language Institute of the University of Reading, Malaysia.

For Associate Professor Howell — who developed extensive experience at the University of Reading in all areas of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) — there are three definitive components to consider when making the most out of one’s tertiary education.


Reputation is not JUST ranking

“The public misconception, especially with parents, is that a good university has to be a top university, which is just unrealistic. There are thousands and thousands of universities in the world and even the top 100, 200 or 300 are all good universities,” he explains.

Many are aware of only the local universities and the top 20 in the world. This means that other reputable universities often get lost in the array of choices. To effectively sift through them, Howell advises both students and parents to thoroughly research each university based on the courses offered, the course structure and the relevant job prospects.

“Don’t rely just on the top results of Google — it is about going beyond the obvious, and talking to people with experience in these things,” he asserts.


Culture is crucial

Far from just hour-long lectures and class-bound tutorials, tertiary education should also encompass a learning experience that is both engaging and inspiring.

Ideally, being at university is about sharpening life skills. It’s about developing a deep knowledge and understanding of the power of education, no matter what one’s pursuits are.

“You may be a sporty type, an artsy type or a sciencey type, but a university should be able to accommodate all of those things,” says Howell.

In particular, the UK campus of the University of Reading has everything in one place. From music societies to sports complexes and cafes, students can not only enjoy their break from study, but also foster friendships and develop skills outside of the classroom.

In fact, the entire culture of the University of Reading has been fully adopted in Malaysia. From the classroom to the administrative department of the University of Reading, Malaysia, “our teaching staff is nurtured through the ethos of the UK campus, and we are very keen on having successful students graduate from the programme through an active learning experience,” says Howell.


Seize the best growth opportunities

In Malaysia, the University of Reading offers programmes that are directly relevant to major industries in the country such as Business Management, Investment Banking, Pharmacy, Psychology, Real Estate and more.

On top of that, the university provides students with a solid pathway to further their studies abroad. Students can opt to transfer completely, or pursue any combination of years abroad — whilst enjoying a generous discount on international tuition fees.

For students taking the time to explore their degree options, it also provides prospective students with Pre-Sessional English, and Foundation year options in both Business and Science.

Additionally, the University of Reading, Malaysia, equips students with the tools needed for academia. This includes English-speaking courses and classes to develop students’ presentation skills and academic grammar.

Providing a solid background in academic and life skills, the University of Reading is designed to prepare students for a rewarding university experience, as well as being an important step towards a lucrative, exciting, and inspiring career.


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