Tech fun: Sapient intelligence: Disrupting the status quo

This article first appeared in Digital Edge, The Edge Malaysia Weekly, on January 23, 2023 - January 29, 2023.
Tech fun: Sapient intelligence: Disrupting the status quo
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The age of artificial intelligence (AI) is fast approaching. Long theorised by filmmakers, novelists and scientists alike, the possibilities of AI are seemingly endless. Conversational commerce has gained traction in interacting with customers to induce a humanlike experience and elevate the shopping experience. However, customers are well aware they are not talking to a human.

Enter ChatGPT, a model that allows the chatbot to interact conversationally, blurring the lines between android and human. ChatGPT can answer follow-up questions, admit its own mistakes, challenge incorrect assertions and reject inappropriate requests.

The internet is in pandemonium over the possibilities and the inevitable controversies the chatbot could cause. Critics have called this leap in technology the death of the creative process.

The process of writing is a long and winding road filled with doubts and fury before the art is finally realised, giving the writer a sense of accomplishment that is then passed on to the readers. This process is simplified by ChatGPT, where writing is churned through programming. Does this ultimately take away from the artistry involved in creative pieces?

In the academic community, there are fears that students will use this technology to cheat. Students could use the chatbot to generate reports in human-like language and pass them off as their own. College professors are on high alert regarding this issue. However, proponents of the chatbot argue that it should be woven into the syllabus. Students should learn how to navigate a world where AI will be a part of daily life.

There are also cybersecurity concerns. Hackers could use the chatbot to write malicious codes and target vulnerable parties.

In light of these concerns, there are also benefits to the advanced chatbot. Internet users have said they have used the chatbots as a movie critic, an investment manager and even a dream interpreter.

The race to advance technology never stops and is continually picking up speed. As with every technological innovation, a fiery debate about its benefits and disadvantages occurs. At the end of the day, whether ChatGPT is a threat or a friend will depend on the person using it.

The technology will inevitably be able to elevate the lives of its users, whether it is to make better decisions or to guide them to the proper destination. As AI continues to be commonplace, we can greatly benefit if we learn how to properly utilise it and take measures against the dangers that come along with it.